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(Re)Introducing Commspace Training

Taking inspiration from a spaghetti western

The Good 👍

For the same reason we continue to invest heavily in our famous "white glove" client onboarding experience, we have always offered free training for new Commspace users: to ensure the best possible experience for our new clients. We then follow it up with above-and-beyond, all-you-can-eat support, along with dedicated account management for our outsource clients. This intentional strategy of adding as much value as possible for free, has resulted in a win-win situation for you and us. You get started with high quality data and the know-how and support to keep it so... and in return we get happy, engaged clients who know we've got their backs.

The Bad 👎

In talking to our clients we realised that there is a weak spot in our strategic commitment to customer success: we were adding new features to the platform (here's looking at you Commspace Analytics) and enhancing existing ones (e.g. reporting), without doing a good job of letting our clients know about it, how it works and how to derive the most value from it. Ditto for some of the more advanced features (sliding scale agreements) or even simple ones (moving products between clients or correcting past allocations). This didn't gel with our strategy of getting and especially keeping our clients successful on our platform, so we knew we had to do something about it.

The Ugly Empowered 💪 

So it is to this end that we are launching scheduled group training sessions, in addition to the "New Client - Getting Started" one-to-one training sessions.. We've (re)added a training booking page in Commspace, where you can view and book a place in upcoming training sessions. These sessions will be via online screensharing, but we will look at possibly introducing in-person training sessions as well. Long-time Commspace users may remember this booking page from a couple of years ago. This time around though, we intend to have shorter, more frequent, topic-based events, where we do a focused deep dive, live question-and-answer style session around a specific area or function in Commspace.

The goal of this free education drive, is exactly that: to get and keep you guys, our clients, in the know with all the best tips, tricks and how-to's, to ensure you are as productive as possible and that you are deriving maximum value from the platform. It is also an opportunity for you to point out areas of improvement to us.

Hence, we're turning the ugly notion (see what I did there?) of uneducated, unempowered Commspace users on it's head by getting you guys to be "The Empowered" 💪😁

What's next?

Please keep an eye on the upcoming training sessions and book your spot early for the topics you re interested in, as we are limiting the places, to ensure we can support a robust discussion during each session. Not to worry if you miss out on an event though, we will repeat popular topics as necessary, to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.

Oh, and one more thing ... we will be launching an online knowledge base soon, consisting of how-to articles, frequently asked questions, topic-based tutorials, etc. to supplement the live training sessions. 😎

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