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We have always offered comprehensive reporting options in Commspace. Last year, we extended that capability significantly, with the introduction of comparative reports.

Something that has always been somewhat lacking though, is “big picture” view of the data.

It is with this in mind that we set ourselves the challenge to provide our clients with a way to dynamically visualize their data, in a way that:

  1. is easy to understand and use
  2. covers the data in depth, from multiple, practice-relevant perspectives
  3. allows the easy identification of trends and exceptions (which is sometimes hard to do by looking at spreadsheet data only

The goal is to easily answer questions like:

“What was our highest revenue earning product category last year?”
“What % of our monthly turnover is recurring income?”
“What was the average revenue per client for the current financial year for a certain provider/product type/adviser/etc.”

During the course of developing a solution to this challenge, we evaluated dozens of products over an extended period of time and learned a lot about the state of the analytics and business intelligence market.

In the end, we settled on a combination of a third-party visualisation platform and in-house development, to deliver what we consider to be an exceptional value offering for our clients, compared to the cost, complexity and effort involved with a bring-your-own set of BI tools.

This enabled us to build something which we think is unique in the market:

Commspace Analytics offers seamlessly embedded analytics & business intelligence, accessed directly from within Commspace! No separate download, install or login required.

Commspace Analytics is currently in private beta… and will be available in public beta to all Commspace clients from 1 April 2019.