About us

How it started

Back in 2006, our founder had the idea to build something for financial advisers that would solve a real pain point – keeping track of commission referrals and splitting commission between advisers.

He instinctively knew that the best way to approach this, was to build an easy-to-use, web-based solution that could be used by anybody, no special skills or experience required. This was in the era where desktop software was still king, when fax machines still abounded, when the only widely used document format for this stuff was PDF (at best, or scanned copies of hand-written notes at worst 😂). This was before The Cloud was a thing. Heck, Steve Jobs hadn’t even introduced the world to the iPhone yet 🤷‍♂️

After a few years of going it alone, our founder realised that the only way to build his great idea into a truly successful offering was to attract the best and brightest, the most committed, passionate and real people to help build this dream. To be honest, on paper there wasn’t much to get people excited about joining the cause. At that point there were five existing clients. No external investment. No big budget. Nevertheless, in early 2015, armed with nothing but the modest beginnings of a potentially great product, a heap of passion and a fierce vision of what could be, our founder set out to find these unique individuals… and miraculously,  people began to join, people who bought into the vision.
The right people.
Or rather, as we like to call it, people with The Right Stuff™.

Our Secret Sauce

You know how Coca-Cola has its secret ingredient? How the Colonel’s famous finger lickin’ good is prepared with his secret blend of herbs and spices? Well, we have our own Secret recipe for Success… and I am going to let you in on it now… . Ready?

(Yes, that really is written on the back of a paper napkin. All the best ideas are.)

Meet the team

Johan Vosloo

Founder & CEO

Johan graduated from NMMU (then UPE) with a double major in Computer Science and Psychology. He has been doing software development, design and architecture for the better part of two decades, primarily for bluechip corporates in the financial services industry - both locally and in Europe.

Johan started development on Commspace in 2006 as a side-project, initially for a single IFA office. After seeing the enthusiastic response of the early users, he decided to develop it into a fully-fledged solution for the broader independent financial services market.

He believes that if it ain't broke, fix it anyway because there is always room for improvement.

Martha Koekemoer

Managing Director

Martha attended Stellenbosch University and qualified as a chartered accountant. Along with extensive international experience, she also worked in various South African industries, including management consulting, interior decorating and franchising. In 2008 Martha joined the Torre group and served as Supply Chain Executive for 7 years. She joined Headspace as Managing Director in 2015.

Martha plays as hard as she works, and is a current national triathlon champion. She has competed in numerous Ironman challenges, both local and international, and represented South Africa at the Ironman World Championship.

For relaxation, she does trail running, since knitting is not really her thing.

Sanette Botes

Customer Success Manager

Sanette has been in the service industry for many years and understands what it takes to look after client needs. She is passionate about getting things done the right way and keeps everyone around here honest when it comes to staying focused.

She takes customer success very seriously, a fact many of our clients can attest to.

In her spare time, she... err... we have no idea what that might be because she seems to be around all the time.

Stephanie Hugo

Head of Special Projects

Not being able to accept average as the norm, this “plaasmeisie” studied at both the University of Stellenbosch and the Katholieke University in Leuven, Belgium, smashing a double major in both marketing and financial management.

She always goes the extra mile when it comes to planning and optimisation of client accounts. She eats process optimisation for breakfast, lunch and dinner, since apparently there's always a better, quicker, faster way to get things done.

Having recently become a first-time mother, she's trying to master the work/life balance thing.

Elsa Stadler

Training Manager

Born and bred in the Karoo, Elsa briefly tried her hand at teaching (which she quite enjoyed), but then continued to build a career in financial administration, along with a healthy dose of IT admin.

Being blessed (or is that cursed?) with a strong tendency towards perfectionism, she takes pride in her work and won't stop until the last cent is accounted for. After working as an Account Manager in the company for two years, she’s accepted the challenge to head the Training Department.

Elsa enjoys spending time on the bowls green and in the outdoors. She also has a creative side and enjoys arts and crafts.

Niekie Swart

Head of Managed Services

Niekie completed high school at Paarl Gymnasium and went on to study Marketing and Business Management.

After starting off his career in retail management, he pivoted to the financial services sector, spending time at the likes of Sanlam and PSG, where he gained experience as a finance and commission administrator. Niekie is a natural born leader who not only empowers his team to reach new heights but is also a calming influence on his colleagues when the pressure is on.

"Hiking, camping and spending quality time with family and friends" ... a finance geek with a life. Now we've seen it all.

Glenda Spyron

Lead Business Analyst

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. If planning was a sport, Glenda would compete at the Olympics and take the gold. Failing is not an option for Glenda. Determination is her middle name. This is evident from the fact that she started out as an office assistant at a prominent IFA practice and within 6 years, rose through the ranks to be appointed as director – all whilst completing her B.Com in Business Administration.

She excelled in and managed all areas of the business - including finance, operations, valuations, client services, risk mitigation and infrastructure management.

On the flip side, Glenda has a strong connection with nature. Most weekends you’ll find her pottering in her garden or dreaming of her next holiday on family farms in Namibia.

Graham Anderson

Business Analyst

Graham was born in the heart of Johannesburg, but raised in the quiet but busy town of Paarl. He is the child of an Engineer and an artist - bound to be an interesting person, right?!

He attended Paarl Boys’ High and subsequently obtained his Honours Degree in Financial Management at the University of Stellenbosch. A fresh graduate out to prove to the world that millennials don't always deserve their bad rap.

He is a big fluffy sponge that can soak up a lot of information with the intent to always learn something new. Graham’s life motto: “There is a big difference between change and transformation. Change is merely an improved past, but transformation is creating a better future. Be a transformer, not a fixer.”

Lauren Matthys

Business Analyst

Lauren graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management from the University of Stellenbosch. She is a motivated and hardworking young woman with a heart of gold! When she is not overachieving in the workplace, she is an inspiring philanthropist helping her local church.

Lauren grew up in the small town of Wellington where most of her passions were “brewed”. She is a family girl and if she has free time, you can count on it that she will be at some weird and wonderful restaurant/wine farm with her family and friends. She is also our in-house wine connoisseur.

Her motto in life is: “Live life to its fullest. Have no regrets.”

Sasha-Lee Russell

Business Analyst

Sasha-Lee who matriculated at Linden High in Johannesburg, finds herself in the heart of Paarl at the Commspace Team.

She is juggling that work/study life as she’s currently a third year B.Com Financial Management student at the University of South Africa. Not only will Sasha-Lee make an excellent financial manager, but she also aspires to become a lawyer within the next 10 years. She makes it her mission to always exceed her clients' needs and to be there when a helping hand is required. Sounds like she's already on the success express! Choo Choo!

Sasha lives by the words of the great Babe Ruth: "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."

Rohan Pieterse

Junior Account Manager

Rohan studied B.Com Business Management as part of an Elite bursary program at Akademia.

For three years he worked at a number of companies such as King Price and Subaru, as part of the experience building side of the program.

He has had a passion for programming and travel ever since he went on a tour through Europe in 2018. Motorcycles and fitness will flow through his blood forever, as will his drive for success.

Brendan Coulson

Chief Architect

Brendan is a 20+ year veteran of the IT and Financial Services industries, working in a traditional bricks and mortar behemoth of the South African Insurance landscape.

He strongly believes that, in order to thrive, organizations must be flexible enough to change yet remain resilient in the face of upheaval. He proselytized this vision with some success before eventually coming to the conclusion that real organizational change requires a critical mass of like minded leaders. Finally, he left a leadership position in Enterprise Architecture to pursue this dream further by joining Commspace.

When not pursuing “Pinky and the brain”-style aspirations, he runs half-marathons and the occasional marathon.

Amanda de Bruyn

Account Manager

Amanda is fuelled by her passion for client satisfaction and believes excellence lies in the detail. She believes dedication and enjoying what you do, are the keys to success.

Her previous experience as a dance instructor and flight attendant have honed her ability to effectively manage people in a caring and friendly manner.

Her hobbies include reading, adventuring and, most of all, singing, which she practices in her local church. She lives by Nelson Mandela’s motto "Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front.”

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Leveraging the finances of your financial services business like a boss

The foundation for any business is a solid financial management strategy. This is even more critical for financial professionals and their practices.

The ideal solution for managing your financial planning business revenue

Commspace has its origin in humble beginnings. It became clear quickly that there was a need for managing the revenue earned by financial planning practices. But in a simplified and easy-to-use manner.

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If you have a can-do attitude and are looking to join a kick-ass team with Pinky-and-the-Brain-like aspirations, then contact us today.