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Build a sustainable business that supports your clients, you and your family.

There are infinite possibilities and opportunities in life. Living the life we want is not held back by lack of opportunity, it’s often held back by lack of direction. For the formative years of our lives we are told what decisions to make and what should be considered important.

It’s really tough when we emerge from traditional schooling into a world that now expects us to create our own definition of what’s important.

Hence – making the right decision often doesn’t happen because we’re not clear on what is important to us.

Sometimes we spend time looking back at the things that didn’t go our way, and other times we try to focus on the future; all the time missing a deeper question of ‘Who am I?’.

Understanding our personal values can help us gain clarity about what is important in life – and these all stem from what we personally find to be meaningful. These values make up the characteristics and behaviour that motivate as well as guide our decisions; in both our personal life, in our professional capacity.

Being able to ask ourselves who we really are is not easy, and it will change as we grow and gain more knowledge.

For example, if you feel disappointed in yourself for not voicing your true opinion in meetings, you might value honesty and integrity. If you try to consider others feelings at the cost of voicing your own, you might value kindness or taking a more balanced approach. Neither of these are wrong, but they help you understand what’s important to you and build a framework for making better decisions.

Learning to define what’s important is crucial for deciding what actions you need to take to build a sustainable business – one that supports your clients, you and your family.

This can quickly become a complex and frustrating journey, and two of the values that we feel are important are simplicity and ease-of-use. This is why we want to focus on what matters most. We want to make plenty of time to focus on the important stuff.

For us, this means removing the complication of manually tracking your income, where it comes from and to whom it needs to be paid. This streamlines the way that you run your business and make important decisions to keep everything running profitably, and ensure that everyone receives their fair share – including you!

When we’re able to define what’s really important to us, we can make better decisions about what we do today.