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We dislike manual, repetitive effort as much as the next person, so to that end, we’ve started down the journey of integrating directly with the various insurance providers in South Africa, through our new data integration platform: Commspace DataFlow

One of the standout features of Commspace has always been the managed commission statement processing engine, which allows you to (in most cases) simply upload a provider-supplied commission statement as-is, with Commspace taking care of automatically extracting, processing and classifying the data.

Whilst this feature is definitely a huge time-saver, it is not always plain-sailing, given the effort involved in sourcing the correct statements from the providers, finding the correct email attachments or downloading the right file from a provider’s website.

The first one of these direct data feed integrations is already available from one of the largest investment platforms in the country, Allan Gray. That means that as soon as we’ve received your signed permission, your commission earned will automatically start flowing into Commspace each month, with zero effort on your side 😎

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on our progress in this space!